Cumberland High School

Congratulations to our cross country runners on a wonderful district meet! Boys Varsity - 2nd place | Boys JV - 1st place | Girls Varsity - 3rd place | JV Girls - Rebecca R. 1st place. Good luck at regionals!

Semester Exam Exemption Policy

9th Grade
Not eligible for exemption from exams
10th Grade
1-3 absences = 4 exemptions 
Must have an 80 or above in each class for which an exemption is taken
Additional 10th Grade Incentive: Perfect attendance is defined as zero absences in all classes. If a student has perfect attendance, he or she is eligible to exempt all classes in which they have an 80 or higher semester average.
11th Grade
1-3 absences = may exempt ALL classes in which student has an 80 or higher semester average
**School approved/related (extra-curricular, field trips, etc.) absences do not count against the student.
**Greater than 3 absences in ANY class period results in a loss of ALL exemptions.
**3 tardies = 1 absence
**Level 4 or higher on the Discipline Management Plan results in a loss of ALL exemptions.
A student will be excused for exemption purposes from a temporary absence resulting from appointments with health care professionals if the student commences classes or returns to school on the same day of the appointment with a doctor's note. All health care professional notes must be returned within three (3) days after the appointment or the absence will count against the exemption absences.