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2018-2019 Student Council
Student Council Objective:
To provide leadership and order to our school, maintain a healthy learning environment, ensure a positive influence in the community, build constructive relationships with other school and organizations, and safeguard our school's legacy for years to come.
Specific Objectives:
1.To promote the principles of student voice, leadership, and responsibility.
2.To provide a democratic forum in which students can address school-related issues that affect their daily lives.
3.Provide leadership training in the duties and responsibilities of good leadership.
4.To maintain a harmonious line of communication between the Student Body and the Teaching Staff and Administration, as well as among the Student Body itself.
5.Make for a more informed student body and promote the interest among the students and faculty in school activities.
6.Provide a yearlong program of social functions and community involvement projects for students to take part in.
7.Promote the general welfare of the community, both in the Academy itself, and in Tyler, Texas as a whole.
8.To maintain a healthy learning environment
StuCo is an open membership organization that meets every other Wednesday after school with approximately 20 active members.  Students that are not consider active members are encourage to participate in different activities.  
The council is divided into five different committees
Outstanding Student Council Committee (OSCC): Formed by officers.  They are responsible for overseeing that other committees are accomplishing their goals.
Community Service Committee (CSC): Organizes and keeps tally of the activities done by the council that qualify as community service:
Drug, Alcohol, Safety and Health Committee (DASH):  To promote a drug free environment and create awareness among students of Cumberland Academy to stay safe.
Pride and Patriotism Committee (PPC): To be an active organization in the school community as well as in the community at large order to improve school morale. 
Energy and Environment (E&E): The committee will help ensure the best use of resources to avoid waste of paper, and it is committed to maintain the school campus clean
Each committee has specifically goals and is in charge of planning and executing different projects/activities around the school campus and the community to achieve this goals.
For example:
PP Specific Goals.
As a new school, we are aiming to establish traditions.  StuCo is proud to co sponsored the Dinner Theater with the Theater Department.  We also have and will continue to sponsor the Winter Formal.  We have worked side by side with the Spanish department to present the 1st Annual 5 de Mayo program as well as the 1st International Fair in our campus.  Our kids are happy to work with our elementary kids, whether it is being present in Art classroom making flags, helping out for 4 years in a row at the Fall Festival, or our absolute favorite, during Field Day.  We understand that as leaders we should take an active role as mentors in the lower campuses.  
E&E Specific Goals.
Our E&E committee has worked tireless ours to maintain our school clean and provide all students with the opportunity to get community service hours right here in our campus.  Not only that, but these kids have found creative ways to recycle.  From pillows and matts for the homeless made out of plastic bags (activity co-sponsored with Key Club and Spanish Club) to creating a complete Art Show at the Zoo under the direction of Ms. Schodowski.  They have also encourage the council to go paperless during their meetings and use their devises to stay connected during meetings. Plus, have participated in Arbor Day and we are in the process of staring a new school garden.
Community Service Committee Accomplishments:
As student Council’s year runs from March 1st to March 1st, during the year of 2018-2019 StuCo had a total of 830 service hours!  They rang the bell for the Salvation Army, boxed 578 senior boxes at the food bank, babysat kids for teachers multiple times, and have been present and actively involved at Squire Camp year after year.   They have donated an approximate of $515 to different causes such as the school pantry, Toys-for Tots, and Teacher appreciation.
One of the most important activities the DASH committee is proud to sponsor is the high school’s blood drive.  In our first 3 drives we have average 70 units per drive.  That is an approximate of 639 potential saved lives!! They were also responsible for I Have a Voice program.  DASH partner with a local non profit For the Silent to bring sex trafficking awareness to our campus.

Cumberland Academy High Student Council Earns Statewide Recognition



For outstanding achievement in leadership, service, and activities that serve to improve the school and community, Cumberland Academy High (CAH) has been recognized by the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) in the areas of Outstanding Student Council; Drugs, Alcohol, Safety and Health (DASH); Pride and Patriotism; and Energy and Environment. TASC has 1269 member schools. Of those, Cumberland Academy High is one of only 314 student councils statewide to receive this highly-esteemed honor.


 “It has been an honor to work with the students to build from the ground up CAH Student Council,” said Karina Delgado, advisor of CAH Student Council. “With over 800 man hours of community service, my students have shown they play an important role in student leadership in our campus; not to mention their level of commitment to improve our community, and determination to make a path for the future generations at CAH”.


Student Council members develop proven skills in team building, problem solving, project planning, and decision making.  Through their co-curricular activities, student council members serve their communities while strengthening their academic and civic skills.  Yaseen Al-Shiek President of CAH student council expressed his/her excitement in earning this recognition saying, “Throughout the four infancy years of the Council we’ve tried to build, I can confidently and happily say that the progress and strives we’ve made have been substantial. It’s been my honor to serve as President and oversee the building of a civic tradition, and I would not have been able to do so without the amazing work of all those who participated, especially this year.”

TASC is a non-profit serving high school and middle level student councils in Texas.  Sponsored by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, its purposes are to develop leadership abilities in students, promote democracy as a way of life, and uphold high standards for local councils.  With almost 1200 member schools, it is the largest state student leadership organization in the US.