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Welcome to World Geography!

  This marks my 36th year as a professional educator. I have taught in Tyler, Whitehouse, Austin and most recently Quito, Ecuador. It is so exciting to be a teacher at Cumberland Academy.
  My world geography classes are going to journey around the globe. We will look at a lot of maps to understand where places are but more importantly we will explore how geography influences culture. I want to look at the landscape, the animals, the people, the music, the art, the food, and the resources of every continent on the earth.
  I am also excited to teach psychology this year. This class will be a journey into the mind. How do scientists study the mind? How can we use psychological research to improve the quality of our lives? 
  In both classes, I plan to implement a variety of project-based learning activities in which student will be given rubrics and guidelines. Of course there will be daily work and tests and I will require each student to keep a notebook so that I can evaluate note taking and journalling participation.
  I promise to do my best to make every class relevant and meaningful. My school email address is mcooper@cumbelandacademy.com. Please let me know of any questions, concerns and suggestions about how we can make this a great learning experience.
Best wishes for a great year!

Mr. Cooper
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Michael Cooper
World Geography, Psychology
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