Cumberland High School


I am proud to be a part of the Cumberland Academy High school family.
This year will be my second year teaching Spanish at Cumberland Academy High. I have previous experience working with Tyler Independent School District as an RTI Bilingual Teacher, Life Skills Assistant and Kinder Assistant for three years. 
I attended Asociacíon Escuelas Lincoln in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 7 years. I then moved to Tyler, Texas and finished at Robert E. Lee High in 2001. I attended Tyler Junior College and graduated with a double Associates degree,  an Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) and an Associate in Art(AA). I then moved on to the University of Texas at Tyler and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (BA).  I continue to enjoy learning and will pursue my education further with a Masters degree.
I'm excited that you, students of 2017-2018 are in my class and that I have the fantastic opportunity to teach you about one of my passions, the Spanish language!  I am excited to teach you and get you learning Spanish with vocabulary, games, and music. I will do my best to make my class fun and exciting.
I am proud to have started the first Spanish Club at Cumberland Academy High. Los Generosos ( The Generous), we are involved in helping the community,  learning cultural traditions and experience cultural food. Our Motto: Dar a los que no tienen- Give to those that do not have!
I am also excited to help start the first every KEY CLUB for the 2017-2018 year. We will also be involved in many community projects to help improve Tyler and learn leadership skills to benefit each students future. 
Email: lpicazo@cumberlandacademy.com
Class schedule

1. 8:15-9:05 Spanish 1
2. 9:09-9:59 Spanish 1
3. 10:03-10:53 Spanish 1
4. 10:57-11:47 Spanish 1
Conference time is Monday- Thursday 12:45-1:15
6. 1:19-2:09  Spanish 2
7. 2:13-3:03 Spanish 1
8. 3:07-3:57 Spanish 1
My Extension is 462
Tutorials: Monday( am), Tuesday( am/pm),Wednesday (am), Thursday( am/pm).
Spanish Club Meetings- Every Wednesday
Key Club Meetings: Monday

Recent Posts

Spanish 1 Project 2016-2017

For Spanish 1 students are working with their table color on one topic. They have Honduras or Belize. Topics are Food, Language, Tradition, Dance and Place. Each group is finding information on which ever topic was assigned in class and on the area they were introduced to. Mainly they are researching information of their topic only. The  students must use images to show the class.
For example if you have Place, in Honduras the temples are popular they would need an image of the temples, and when they present they would say in Spanish- Honduras es conocido por sus templos.
If they had dance they are researching what traditional music and dance is in Honduras and they will teach the class a few steps of the dance. (A video can be shown  however it must be submitted by the 6th to make sure it is acceptable to watch with the class).
If they had food they will find traditional recipes of food ( or what they are known for with food) show an image with it as they explain what it is.
If they have language they would research the origin and what is used most in Honduras.  
Images can be a poster board, or usb I can put on the TV screen. We will have more time to work on it in class as a group. The paper on the 8th that is due just  all the information that they researched of their topic. and that can be English. 

Projects 2016-2017

Spanish 1- Honduras/Belize
-Must have information of topic assigned to group.
-Must have images
-Must be in Spanish
Any videos must be submitted by September the 6th to review for approve to use.
A paper of what was researched is due September 8th.
Presentation is September 9th.
Spanish 2/3- Honduras/Belize
-All students will work on travel information with group.
-Must have images
-Must have 3 facts of location
-Must be in Spanish
-Must be creative. 
(Make the class want to travel to location).
All travel brochures are due by the 15th, we will have a short demonstration of each group project. 

"Todo el mundo sonríe en el mismo idioma". George Carlin
" The world smiles in the same language".