Cumberland High School


Degrees and Certifications:
Master of Arts in Instruction, Central Michigan University
Bachelor of Science  - North Carolina State University at Fayetteville
6-9 Mathematics - North Carolina
EC-12 Special Education- Texas
M - F  1: 23  -  2:11
Welcome to Cumberland Academy High School. I am so much excited about the upcoming  school year.  I have been teaching for 17 years  and this is my second year here at Cumberland Academy.  Over the years,  I have  the privilege of shaping and molding the intellectual perspectives of the students who have entered my  classrooms in North Carolina, Minnesota, and here in Tyler , Texas.  As a Special Education teacher, I am here to serve students, parents, and teachers.
Philosophy of Education:
I strongly believe that all students can learn if given a conducive environment .

Teaching Assignments:
Algebra 1
Math Model
Life Skills