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About Me

Hello there and welcome to my page!
I started at Cumberland in February of 2017 as the Chemistry and Lab Instructor. Starting this Fall of 2017-2018 year I will be teaching Chemistry to on-level and AP students as well as Astronomy/Astrophysics. In addition to this I will be the new Strength and Conditioning Coach here at Cumberland. 
Education History:
B.S. Criminal Justice
B.S. Political Science
M.S. Applied Criminology
A.B.D. Criminology
236 Science Composite 7-12 Certified
I started college as a BioChem Dual Degree but eventually switched to a Dual Political Science/ Criminal Justice plan. While I was originally going to go to Law School, I instead went for my Master's and Ph.D in the Criminology fields. When I graduated with my Bachelor's degrees I became a Forensic Tech performing forensic autopsies while in grad school. I have also worked under F.B.I. contract for the Bureau of Prisons Half-Way House for Gang Members. During my Graduate studies I began to teach for Lamar University, Lamar Technical Institute, and University of Texas at Dallas. I lost interest in the field of Criminology before graduating with my Ph.D and decided to become a science teacher instead. Which has lead me here to Cumberland Academy!
I was a multi sport athlete both in High School and College.
After multiple knee surgeries I became interested in Strongman as my main focus. I soon grew to love the sport and became an Amateur Strongman.
It is this passion that I hope to bring to Cumberland with the new introduction of a weight room for the High School. My main focus is not on cookie cutter routines but an individual approach to both the main sport of the athlete as well as the individual needs and strengths of the athlete.
I will also be helping in both Basketball and Baseball programs.
Flipped Classroom:
I am very much in favor of taking advantage of the technology Cumberland offers our students and myself. As such I employ a flipped classroom. What this entails is the students are encouraged and expected to go online to the online classroom (Edmodo) and review the instructional materials, videos, warm ups, and assignments posted before entering the classroom each day. The focus is to spend hands on time together during out 50 minutes either working problems or working on labs and projects. Instead of using PowerPoints as the main focus of classroom time, I want to utilize every minute to make sure the students not only understands the material but how to work it's applications and how it relates to todays world and problems.