Cumberland High School

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Basketball season is in full swing at Cumberland High School! 

Check the Calendar and "Athletics" tab for sports schedules and upcoming games!

Varsity Mixed - 1-1-1 Concert, 1-1-1 Sightreading (SWEEPSTAKES!)

Treble Choir - 1-1-1 Concert; 2-2-2 Sightreading

Tenor-Bass - 1-1-1 Concert; 2-2-3 Sightreading 

16-4A CAH Track and Field racking up those 
metals at the district meet! Way to go ladies! 

The CAH staff work hard to give each student the best education they can!

2019 Ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the 

Sports Complex Grand Opening at the High school! 

Congrats to our CAH Dance Team in their competition!

The new Performing Arts Center is set to include a 700-seat auditorium with full fly capabilities; 

band, choir, orchestra, stagecraft, and dance rooms; 

an art gallery; and a loading dock.

"Mexico's Independence"day with the Spanish and Key club.

CAH Orchestra

2018-2019 CAH JV District Champs!

CAH Lady Knights Volleyball

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