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Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Jenny Gibbs
English Teacher
What do you enjoy about being a teacher at Cumberland Academy High?
I love being a teacher, specifically at CAH, because I am in a unique position to not only watch my students grow and mature, but I also get to be a part of building something worthwhile from the ground up. At CAH, we, as teachers, get to help facilitate the creation of a culture, an actual identity that will forever be a part of these students' lives as well as generations to come. We are essentially building a legacy. 
Why are you a teacher?
When you tell outsiders that you are a teacher, people automatically think, "Oh, must be nice to get all that time off!" But what they don't see is every teacher juggling her work and family by sitting in the bleachers watching her students put all they have into a game, or sitting in the audience with tears in her eyes because she knows the performance was dedicated to that student's mother who lost her battle with cancer just a month before. Although I enjoy my subject and the time off, I teach because of the relationships that are built every day with every student. You never know what affect you can have on others and their futures, especially with teenagers. 
What is your favorite thing about the students at Cumberland Academy High?
The students here at CAH are extremely unique in that you don't see the typical high school cliques. Our students are focused on school and their friends, but absolutely not on tearing each other apart. Overall, we have kind-hearted kids who care about themselves and each other. They trust and respect their teachers, and they are building a culture based on that trust. 
What would you tell a family that is considering enrollment at Cumberland Academy High?
For anyone considering CAH for their student, I would recommend them to check out our facilities and where we are headed. Come take a tour and ask to speak to our teachers. We are not the average high school with average students and average goals. We build relationships, have high expectations academically and behaviorally, and we have big plans for our future.