Cumberland High School

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Dual Credit

TJC Dual Credit Offerings at CAH
For the 2018-2019 school year, Cumberland Academy High will be offering the following
courses for dual credit in conjunction with Tyler Junior College:
 Learning Framework
 History 1301
 History 1302
 Government 2305
 Economics 2301
 English 1301
 English 1302
 World Literature I 2332
 World Literature II 2333
 Music Appreciation
 Speech
 Statistics I (Math 1342)
 Statistics II (Math 1442)
 College Algebra (Math 1314)
 Plane Trigonometry (Math 1316)
Requirements and General Information
To take the dual credit class(es), students must take and pass the TSI at Tyler Junior
College. The courses above are available to juniors and seniors with the exception of
Learning Framework which is offered to all grade levels.
All students must sign up and be accepted as a student of TJC. Dual credit registration
forms are on the TJC website. It is the responsibility of the students to register with TJC
and be accepted. It is also the students' responsibility to take the TSI. Please take care
of this ASAP if you plan to enroll in a dual credit course for 2018-2019.
$175.00 per course if you live in the TJC tax district
$275.00 per course if you live outside of the TJC tax district
We hope to utilize our own staff for most of these classes. However, for now, Speech,
Government, and Economics will be online classes.