Cumberland High School

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Dual Credit

Cumberland Academy High School

Juniors/Seniors Interested in Dual Credit Courses

Cumberland Academy High school has partnered with TJC to offer dual credit courses.  The dual-credit program allows students to take college-level classes during their junior and/or senior year and receive credit towards both high school and college.  Below you will find information on applications, registration, fees and deadlines.  

Before I Register: 

In order to take these classes, prospective students must take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment(TSI) test, which is required for enrollment.  There are a number of ways students can be exempt which will be listed on the TJC Dual Credit/Early Admissions Student Checklist. Students who are not exempt can take the TSI test at TJC during testing hours (See below).  Testing Center Hours and Information regarding fees can be found on the link below.  

TSI Test Preparation

TSI sample test questions are listed on the link below. 

What Courses are offered as Dual Credit

Engl 2332     

Engl 1301     

Engl 1302     

College Alg.  



U.S. History


U.S. Government

Accounting I, II Tech (Course is DC at no cost)


Bus. Mgnt/Entrep Tech. (Course is DC at no cost)

***Students who register for DC courses that are at no cost must complete the application and registration process***

How Do I Apply:

Go to www.tjc.edu and click on Admissions.  This is where you will create your Login information. 

Registration is Next: 

You must complete the application process before you register for classes.  Remember this can take a couple of days before students will receive their TJC ID#.  Once you receive your TJC ID# (A#), you can now register for your classes.  


Registration and  Payment and/or payment arrangements are due by July 23rd at TJC's Dual-credit Office located at Wesley Building, 1421 S. Baxter on the Main Campus of Tyler Junior College. 

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 – 5:00pm

903-510-2716 or 1-800-687-5680 ext. 2716

email: dualcredit@tjc.edu 

* Note: Students may still register up to August 1st with payment due upon registration. 

Transcripts and proof of vaccinations are not needed as part of the dual-credit registration process for students who are taking courses on the high school campus.