Cumberland High School

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Pre-AP / AP Offerings

Pre-AP / AP Offerings

Students in need of higher academic rigor than regular high school classes offer may choose to take Pre-AP or AP classes for an extra challenge. Pre-AP classes, also referred to as honors classes, move at a quicker pace than regular classes and cover topics in greater depth. AP courses are college-level classes which are identical, if not more rigorous, to college classes and provide the opportunity to attain college credit. Students enrolled in AP classes will be expected to take the AP exam in the Spring. The fee, paid by the student, currently for an AP exam is $94.


Pre-AP Offerings for the 2018-2019 School Year


Pre-AP English I

Pre-AP English II

Pre-AP Algebra I

Pre-AP Algebra II

Pre-AP Geometry

Pre-AP Calculus

Pre-AP Biology

Pre-AP Chemistry

Pre-AP World Geography

Pre-AP World History


AP Offerings for the 2018-2019 School Year


AP English III

AP English IV

AP Physics

AP Anatomy and Physiology

AP US History

AP Calculus